This is a triptych from my college trip to Kilve Beach. My latest project is called “Landscapes, Places and Spaces” I’ve struggled to come up with ideas for this projects as landscape is something I’ve never really done before. I was slightly worried about what the photos would come out like from this trip but I am very pleased with them. I decided to take an overall shot of the area and then 2 close ups of things I find interesting in the area to make a triptych. img_4757img_4733img_4742




This is my latest college project. It is titled ‘Identity’, I was interested in how the police examined bodies. I researched what they look at to identify the bodies and decided to take photos of these parts. I’ve found this quite challenging as I am not used to working in a studio environment and setting up people. This is the second photoshoot I have done for this project so hopefully there will be more to come. picmonkey-collage

summer project

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I took these photos for my college summer project, I got given an area by my tutor that I had to take these photos in. I had to take: 3 Headshots, 3 Places of Interest, 3 Details, 3 Pure Skys, 3 Textures. These are my photos!